Our line of private products is designed to work in conjunction with a producer’s MPCI policy to provide the greatest risk protection package in the most cost-effective manner.


Protects against physical damage from hail or other named perils.

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Basic Hail

Supplements the MPCI replant payment. Must accompany an active RP or YP policy.

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Replant Option

Protects against any loss due to fire and lightning before harvest and while the crop is in the harvester.

Grain Fire

This plan compares the hail adjusted loss and the actual production loss based on the bushel guarantee to determine an indemnity payment.

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Crop Hail Production

If average futures price exceeds the average of the normal pricing period, the higher price is used to determine revenue insurance guarantee.

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Price Select

Producers can choose to purchase additional months besides the base and harvest months to determine their revenue guarantee.

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Price Select Wheat

Protects corn against direct loss due to green snap and wind.

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Wind Plus

90%-95% coverage level options and supplemental to MPCI policy.

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Revenue/Yield Select

Protects 100% of the actual costs of seed, fertilizer, and chemicals.

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Production Cost Insurance (PCI)

Combines our most popular plans into one affordable package.

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Diversified Xtra Bundle

Similar to PCI, but uses a deemed MPCI Indemnity payment as “Revenue to Count” or considered income.

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PCI Select

Provides continuous protection based on hail policy chosen.

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Advantage Hail

Protects against lack of rainfall over the growing season.

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Rain Select

Protects against high temperatures during the pollination phase of corn development.

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Heat Select


Offerings vary by state. For more information about our Private Products call Toll Free: (866) 669-3429 option 7.
You may also login and click on "Product Resources," then "Private Products" to obtain additional information about our products.

For more information about Production Cost Insurance, please e-mail pci@cgb.com.

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