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Monitoring the Markets has never been easier with the NEW DCIS Mobile App featuring


Our team of grain marketing experts and revenue analysts provide easy-to-understand analysis of historical trends, market fluctuations, as well as political and global events that affect today's producer.

Receive a daily recorded call from the Diversified Services Marketing Group around 10:00 each morning with an update on the key grain and macro markets. If you’re too busy to listen at that time, you can let the call go to your voicemail, or simply call the number back to hear the message any time.
Receive a daily email from our team that brings you up-to-date on the latest events in the grain markets, and some strategies you could choose to implement for your revenue management program.

Join us at 9:00 am on the Third Thursday of each month for our online grain marketing webinar, where the DSMG experts will discuss current market conditions including the recent USDA Supply/Demand Report, key technical indicators, futures and options strategies to consider, government programs, and utilizing revenue insurance as part of your marketing program.


DCIS offers a number of marketing services to all of our clients to help them with their risk management and to enhance their crop insurance policy. Clients are encouraged to utilize some or all of the services that help them improve their revenue management.