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Diversified Services Marketing Group
Rich Morrison  |  Manager of Marketing Services 1610 West Lafayette Avenue  |  Jacksonville, IL 62650 (217) 479-6012  |   (217) 898-3387 rich.morrison@cgb.com  |   @richmarketguru

Rich grew up on a grain farm in east-central Illinois and is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He spent 13 years working in the grain business in OH, IN, IL, IA, and MO before coming on board with Diversified Services in 2001 to work with producers on marketing grain. He is a licensed, Series 3 commodity broker, as well as licensed crop insurance agent.

Rich’s role with the Diversified Services Marketing Group expanded in 2007 to providing market information to producers via tools like the Market Call, the Grain Market Outlook daily email letter, and the monthly Third Thursday Marketing Meeting. Rich also travels the country and speaks annually with many producers about markets and developing risk management strategies for their farms.


Receive a daily recorded call from our Manager of Marketing Services, Rich Morrison, around 10:00 each morning with an update on the key grain and macro markets. If you’re too busy to listen at that time, you can let the call go to your voicemail, or simply call the number back to hear the message any time.
Receive a daily email from Diversified Services Marketing Group that brings you up-to-date on the latest events in the grain markets, and some strategies you could choose to implement for your revenue management program.

Join us at 9:00 am on the Third Thursday of each month for our online grain marketing webinar, where DSMG's Rich Morrison will discuss current market conditions including the recent USDA Supply/Demand Report, key technical indicators, futures and options strategies to consider, government programs, and utilizing revenue insurance as part of your marketing program.


Expert, in-depth market analysis to further develop the most comprehensive risk management plan. Listen to the latest podcast at your convenience. You can even go back and listen to previous episodes.
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The Hueber Report

Dan Hueber | Senior Risk Analyst 
Center for Ag | 135 W Prairie Dr. | Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 680-5088  |   dan.hueber@cgb.com


Dan Hueber's roots run deep in agriculture as his family has been involved in farming and the grain and feed business in the U.S. since 1953. Dan began his career in the cash grain business managing independent grain elevators when he was 19 years old, but his true interest always lay in commodity analysis and markets.  In 1979 he entered the commodity brokerage business specializing in agricultural hedging before he and a partner opened an independent advisory and brokerage firm in Sycamore, Illinois in 1988. Dan’s family still farms and operates an independent feed mill. Throughout his 30+ years in the business he has been very active in producer market education and has taught risk management classes at local colleges. Dan is a frequent guest on a number of farm radio programs throughout the United States and is a regular analyst on the long running PBS program Market to Market. He is a frequent speaker at risk management and outlook seminars and continues to conduct educational seminars and is a regular contributor to such publications as Agweb.com, SuccessfulFarming.com and the Wall Street Journal.

Since 2002 Dan has been with CGB Diversified Services, a comprehensive agricultural risk management company and is the General Manager of Diversified Services Marketing Group and The Hueber Report